Taggart Bed Frame

Taggart Bed FrameThe design of this taggart bed frame is made in such a way that it looks beautiful and attractive from all sides.

The scrollwork of this bed frame resembles a heart motif and finials in order to create the classically refined taggart bed.

This bed features an elegant frame which has fully welded construction featuring aluminum casings with solid bar wire and heavy gauge tubing.

Some other features of this product consist of:

  • Classic and elegant bed frames
  • Dusty bronze finishing which adds grace and look to the whole bed frame
  • Scroll work with heart motif
  • Elegant frame, which makes it stay durable for long period of time

The sizing specifications of this taggart bed frame are:

  • Headboards are 57″H; footboards are 35.5″H
  • Full head and footboards are 55″W; weigh 72 lbs
  • Queen head and footboards are 62.5″W; weigh 80 lbs
  • King head and footboards are 78.5″W; weigh 92 lbs

Depending on your requirement, you can order for any one sizing which will be suitable for you. Taggart beds are made from aluminum and you have to dust it frequently at regular intervals of time (i.e. once in 3 to 4 days) in order to make it look more beautiful and attractive.

You must dust it using a clean, specially treated dusting cloth that will hold and attract dust particles. Don&’t use abrasive cleaners or liquid as they may damage the finish.

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