Bronze Fish Bowl

Bronze Fish BowlAquariums are named as beautiful decor items, which increases the look of your home or office.

The tradition of keeping aquariums in home or office is not developed in recent days, it was the style or the custom developed in the olden days i.e. many centuries before.

This bronze fish bowl combines all the ornate, whimsical and traditional elements which transform the classic normal fish bowl into a decorative piece that adds warmth to your home or office.

The pattern of this bowl is in such a way that the big bronze fish holds the pot aquarium at the top of it.

The aquarium bowl which is meant for fishes looks stylish and it can hold the family of small fish. You can also add the delicate greenery in this bronze fish bowl to create a decorative terrarium.

The style and pattern of this tabletop fish bowl will become a beautiful addition for your home or office. It is a four piece set featuring a blown fish bowl (a removable), a bronze patina finish “fish” base, decorative accent ring and polished river rocks.

You can get this bronze fish bowl in two different sizes: small and large. The dimensions of the small bronze fish bowl is 7.5″ x 6.5″ x 6.5″, where as the dimensions of the large fish bowl is 10.8″ x 7.5″ x 12.8″.

Maintenance is the essential aspect which is required for all aquariums. Without proper maintenance, the beauty of the aquarium will be spoiled and your fish can even die if you don’t clean or take care of your aquarium at regular intervals of time. This bronze fish bowl is easy to clean and therefore maintenance problem is less.

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