Sewed Pillows – A Delicate Touch For Interior Décor

Pillows are often the special details in any home décor. Therefore, they play an important role for the design of your home. In case you want to decorate your room with something new; the experts usually advice to change some details in the space.

Instead of buying new furniture or changing the colors of your walls, you can simply go for creating your own pillows. Sewed pillows are interesting and they show the personal touch of their owners.

sewed pillows 1

One more reason to choose them is that they are the very artistic element in any home. Therefore, go for them, but try to create them by yourself. Actually this isn’t so difficult and can be really fun.

Recently the zippered-throw pillows are very modern, for they represent the spirit of the home. Moderating the room can be done easily just with two pillows, placed on the right places and made to open your entire interior.

Sewing isn’t that difficult and if you already know how to do it, it is not going to be a problem. There is another issue to consider – the right fabric. The medium-weight fabrics are very proper for all kind of pillows, because they are smooth in texture, so you can handle them very easily.

sewed pillows 2

Typically for creating a pillow the experts are using cottons or fabrics, based on it. The eco fabrics are also recommended.

Make sure you wash and dry your fabrics before sewing and moreover, choose a fabric that is machine-washable. The size of the fabric is typically ½ yard but for pillows larger than 16” you have to use more fabric.

Buy a pillow form by your taste and 1 all-purpose zipper, which need to be nearly 4” shorter than the edge of the pillow, thread to fit your pillow and a seam ripper. Measure the pillow carefully and then start sewing.

The difficult part is the inserting of the zip, but all you need to do is to make sure it is well situated. Just place both pieces of the texture together as their right sides need to face each other. Make sure all corners are aligned and then sew the zipper. The print patterns must face the same direction.

There is also another way to create a sewed pillow- by using a special print template. You can choose thousands of varieties from as the prints are modern and impressive. Recently the geometrical prints are most preferred, especially for homes with contemporary interiors.


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