Satin Sheets And More – Tips For An Intimate Bedroom Setting

bedroom designA bedroom should be a haven, a sanctuary and for a relationship to flourish, a bedroom should be one that evokes intimacy and passion. For this, several things should be kept in mind:

Choose furniture and linen with care: Nothing screams romance as much as a beautiful four poster bed or a canopy bed – the fact that it may lead to several interesting diversions is just a plus – but this is in fact an item of furniture that evokes romance.

A four poster or canopy bed can be draped with diaphanous material or drapes to offer a hint of mystery and to create a warm and intimate, even cozy feeling.

Satin sheets may be a bit of a cliché when it comes to bedroom intimacy, but they do really work – they can feel deliciously silky and smooth to the bare skin and evoke feelings of sensuality.

Choose colors that you yourself find appealing – maroons, deep creams, midnight blues all tend to work well so long as they don’t clash with the wall or furniture color.

The mattress should be comfortable and soft but offer firm support as well. Several soft pillows and bolsters complete the picture.

Lighting: Nothing of course evokes passion the way that flattering lighting does. The right lighting can really bring on the mood. Spot lighting or focus lighting in one or two areas should be coordinated with diffuse lighting throughout the room.

Clever use of scented candles can be made on special occasions, but since candles may not be practical to use every day, make sure that the light tones that you use are flattering for your skin tone and create the most harmonious complement to it as well as the furnishings. And make sure that the light fittings are equipped with dimmers.

Make it fragrant: Use incense, a diffuser, even fresh flowers or just a good old room freshener spray to make the place smell as nice as it looks.

Get the TV out and the clutter: Nothing can be less romantic than two people propped in bed watching TV; a TV is not conducive to a restful night’s sleep or to romantic intimacy.

TV can be a complete distraction in this situation, so shift the TV out of the bedroom. Instead shift in the hi-fi so that you can switch on something to get you in the mood.

Also a cluttered bedroom can be a turn off – discarded clothing, undone laundry, scattered children’s toys can put you in the mood for cleaning rather than anything else! A more organised bedroom can be more relaxing and lets you concentrate better on the matter at hand.


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