5 Trends That Will Rule Your Interiors in 2013

New Year ushers in new styles and designs in everything. Interior designing is no exception to this annual ritual.

Here are 5 trends that will rule the way you treat your interiors this year.

1. Brass Accents

Brass Accents

Brass is coming back to be a part of the interiors this year. You can make imaginative use of brass from things as large as staircase railings and cabinets, to smaller accent pieces such as book ends and a cocktail table.

2. Shades of Green

Shades of Green

Top designers predicted emerald as the color of 2013. But trends suggest that any hue of green is welcome. It can be seen as velvet fabric in loveseats and Ottomans. Blue-greens and teal are another shade of green which will become popular this year. Green being a representative of prosperity is being adopted by all to be a part of their interiors. If your chamber is more a neutral shade of cream then use subtle leafy green accessories to make it bright.

3. Embellished Walls

Embellished Walls

From wall papers to handcrafted grass cloths, the choice of embellished walls is limitless. If you want more than just a texture then use of glass beads and crystals is suggested for making designs that standout. Floral wall papers are the popular ones in the category. Specialty décor involves mosaic styled wall papers that will liven up your living room or dining space.

4. Lace Craze

 Lace Craze

Vintage lace works are the latest craze of interior designers. From bed canopies to table cloths, it is time to get out whatever is inside the closet, for display. Lace can be creatively used in lining curtains and on cushions and pillow covers. If you do not want to go too lacy the choose lace coasters on your table.

5. Beige Hue

 Beige Hue

Beige comes next to green in the choice of colors for your interiors. This is for those who do not like the loudness of bright colors. This is the most elegant of all pastel shades and goes well with most other light and neutral colors. Pair beige with shades of brown, cream, lime and white for maximum effect. Use foliage tactfully to bring out the contrasts and liven up the space. Allow a lot of lighting to enter the rooms when using beige.


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