Garage Cabinets For Storage And Style

garage cabinetsIs your garage a dark, dirty space used to store yard tools, excess junk and motor vehicles?

With a bit of organization and clever use of garage cabinets, it can become extra usable space for your home.

The garage is often a large space that is frequently under-appreciated for its potential. Think about this space creatively, and with little effort, it can become a valuable space with multiple uses. It all starts with storage, and choosing the right garage cabinets can make all the difference.

While it is important that the cabinets and other storage furniture you use in the garage be functional, it is also possible to make them look good, so the room can be used for other purposes.

When you have found ways to store the messy and dirty stuff away, you will be able to use the garage for other things besides housing the car.

A well-designed garage, with stylish garage cabinets, can be used as a workshop or hobby space, a playroom for the kids or a home gym, as well as providing cover for the car.[Garage Plans]

Garage cabinets need to be strong to hold heavy items, and they need to be made of material that is easy to clean, as some of the items you need to store in the garage can be messy, like the lawn mower and garden tools.

Make sure the cabinets are fully enclosed at the back and have a lockable door for security and safety.

You may need different designs of garage cabinets for the variety of items you need to store. Make life easy for yourself by adapting storage to suit your tools and equipment, so you can find what you need.

Items that are used regularly should be stored where they can be reached easily, but items used only occasionally, like camping gear and Christmas decorations, can be stored out of the way.

If you have storage space in the ceiling or roof of the garage, you could install a mezzanine shelf to store bulky and seldom used items. Make sure you cover whatever you store away so that everything stays dust-free and never store anything that is wet.

Matching garage cabinets will make the garage look more spacious and functional, and kitchen cabinet is ideal for the purpose. If you can source second-hand cabinets from someone who is renovating kitchen, it will save you considerable expense and will be perfectly serviceable as garage cabinets.

Other secondhand furniture can also be adapted for use as garage cabinets – kitchen dressers can be used to hold hand tools within easy reach, wardrobes and closets can have shelving fitted inside to store various items.

A carpenter could make you purpose-built cabinets to suit your specific requirements so that all your garage gear is safely and securely stored away.

It is important that chemicals, power tools and sharp items are stored in a secure garage cabinet to prevent accidents to children.

Label containers so you know what you have, arrange small things like nails and screws in clear containers and hang hand tools to avoid clutter and keep your tools in good condition.

Using strong and serviceable garage cabinets will help you achieve organized and additional space in your garage.


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