Understanding Common Garage Door Problems

The safety and security of a house may be in jeopardy if the garage door is low on maintenance and does not close or open properly. It is necessary to repair garage doors that are worn out or are not working properly, at the earliest. Most garage door problems do not require you to call a professional to fix it. They can be fixed at home with a little understanding of the major problem area.

understanding common garage door problemsThe following are the common garage door problems you might face and tips on how to handle and fix them.

1. Problem:

The garage door opens with a loud screeching or grinding noise.


This could be a result of debris, dirt and other obstructions in the roller tracks of the garage doors. Make sure to clean all through the pathway of the roller track and spray some lubricant specially formulated for garage doors. This will ease the rollers and make it easier to slide the doors open on the tracks due to the proper lubrication.

2. Problem

When the remote button is pressed, the garage door does not open.


Check the battery and connections on the remote. Take out the battery from the remote and put it in again. Try changing the batteries and try again. If it still does not work then you might need to clean the tracks or replace the motor or sensors that power the garage doors.

3. Problem

The door opens unevenly and moves from side to side when it is opened or closed.


Check if the springs on the doors are intact and are of same length. Also make sure that the tracks on which the doors move are cleaned and properly lubricated. If there is any debris, clean with a non-toxic cleaner and water and then spray a lubricant formulated specially for garage doors. If the problem still persists then you might have to call a mechanic to service the door as the reason for the garage door to shimmy sideways could be due to broken springs.

4. Problem

The garage door falls down too quickly when it is being opened. This could be due to the springs suspending the doors being broken.


You should never try to repair or replace broken springs or cables on your own You need to call the experts for this as trying to mend springs or internal parts of garage doors may lead to fatal injuries.

5. Problem

The garage door does not close all the way and goes back to the open position.


This could be due to some obstruction in the way of the photo eye sensors on the motor of the opener on the door. Call an expert to take care of the same.

6. Problem

The bottom of the garage door is frayed with rust.


This could be due to the deposits on the door that are a result of the salt being sprayed to melt the ice and snow during winter months. Make sure that you clean the doors properly with a non-toxic cleaner and water to remove any debris on it.


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