Decorating A Girl’s Room: Ask For Ideas When Designing Her Room

decorating girls roomA girl’s own room is a personal space that can inspire and motivate her.

Regardless of her age, involve your daughter in the planning to make sure the redecorated room reflects her personality and becomes a room she loves.

Every girl wants to feel proud of her bedroom when she takes her girlfriends to it. Here are some ideas to help when you are considering decorating girls’ rooms.

The best place to start, when decorating girls’ rooms, is to sit down with your daughter and discuss any ideas she might have.

Most girls have lots of ideas as to how they want their room, but you may need to give some guidance, as young girls are renowned for wanting every extravagance!

Depending on her age, you may need to make suitable suggestions and allow her to pick from these. An older girl will have fairly definite ideas for her room, but again, you may need to gently and tactfully guide her to make suitable choices.

Remember, the finished room has to stay that way until you are prepared to go through the whole decorating process again.

When decorating girls’ rooms, choosing a theme makes the process so much easier. It gives you a focus when you are deciding on color scheme, furnishings and accessories. Once a theme is decided on, choosing everything else is a much simpler process, as you know what you are looking for.

Suitable themes for younger girls include fairies, princesses or angels (all little girls love these!); an animal theme like ponies, cats or monkeys; her favorite character from a book or movie; or a room decorated around her favorite colors.

If you are decorating a room for a teenager or older girl, the process will be similar but she will be able to have more input. Allow her to express her ideas about decorating girls rooms, but be prepared to offer guidance and commonsense.

Even if you don’t really like the finished decor, she will be especially proud of it if she had a large part to play in achieving the result. If your teenager loves her room, maybe she will even keep it clean and tidy!

With your older girl, work out a budget for the redecoration, and insist she sticks within it. This is an excellent learning experience about the value of money and the costs of things; allow her to learn that there is more to decorating girls rooms than just having fun.

Work on the budget together, and make decisions on the larger items first. It may be that some of her current furniture has to be retained and not replaced, as she would like. [Children’s furniture]

Life is all about compromise; and decorating her room will be a great life-lesson. Get her to make list of things she needs, wants and would like – encourage her to understand the difference between these three lists.

Decorating girls’ rooms is exciting – choosing paint colors, patterns and accessories. It also will involve making hard decisions based on the practicalities of the task – the shape and size of the room, where furniture will fit, how it is best arranged and so on.

Keep it simple, stay focused on the theme and curb her over-enthusiasm to achieve a wonderful result when decorating your girl’s room.


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