Torsion or Extension Spring-What is the Best Option for your Garage Door?

When it comes to reconstructing a new garage door for your home, it is essential to know which type of spring is more durable and better to use. Commonly there are two types of springs largely used- Torsion Spring and Extension spring. For safety purpose, it is important to analyze and choose the right spring for installation. In this article we shall deal with both these kinds of springs and which one is a better option to use.

torsion or extension spring

Extension Spring

Extension spring is a spring which denotes its extending capacity when an external force is applied to it. They are usually installed on the sides of the garage door and attached to the door’s swing arms. It is a very commonly used spring for home garages. Extension springs usually stretch to up till 5,000- 10,000 lifts. For security reasons, extension springs are paired with safety cables.

Torsion Spring

Torsion Springs use the application of a torque to anchor garage doors. Consequently, the torsion twists and coils itself when subjected to pressure. They can support 15,000 -20,000 lifts. It is obtainable in a wide range of sizes and length depending on the height, diameter and several other factors of the garage door.

Depending on the number of lifts, a Torsion spring is obviously more preferable. Along with several other factors a Torsion spring can be considered as a more reliable spring than the extension spring.

Let us see why?


Although Torsion springs are more expensive than an Extension spring, they have been proved to last longer. A torsion spring can easily last up till 14-15 years in contrary to Extension spring that can last normally till 6-7 years.

Better Control

Torsion spring gives a better control on the door than Extension Spring which causes jerk after considerable time of use. The jerking needs to be adjusted. Torsion spring maintains balance whenever the door is opened or closed.

Easy Maintenance

Torsion springs can be maintained easily with a convenient lubrication. An extension spring has more parts that can be dangerous.

Support More Weight

A Torsion Spring can obviously support more weight than an extension spring and hence more useful.


The design of a Torsion spring is considered to be more sophisticated and elaborative than an Extension spring where the later has more parts that makes it look clumsy.

Often considered, that when a Torsion spring breaks, the consequence is not as dangerous as an Extension spring because it does not fly off. On the other hand a break in the Extension spring can result in severe consequences of injury or even death as they fly through the windows of the garages or the windshields.

Hence it is recommended, that you consider your requirements and consult an expert and select the right spring for your home garage. Always remember, that money should never be a factor to influence your decision, as this a matter of security. To ensure quality, sustainability and most importantly safety, Torsion Torque should be the best suggestion for your home garage.


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