Making Use Of Soapstone For Kitchen Countertops

kitchen countertopsAs a good alternative to granite and marble, soapstone has a lot to offer and is making a bit of comeback for those looking for something a bit different.

Its main advantages in the kitchen are that it is resistant to heat and has the ability to not absorb liquids.

The range of colors available is quite limited and it can be quite dark but that will suit a lot of people’s requirements.

Produced from metamorphic rock, it is steatite that is used to construct soapstone counter tops. It had been widely used for decades in laboratories and the interiors of commercial ovens. [Kitchen Counter Tops]

There is a degree of maintenance required to keep it looking its best but that involves nothing more than a damp rag and some mineral oil.

The latter is very easy to get hold of and if you put the work into your countertop, it will develop a wonderful green hue after a few years.

Soapstone is at risk from scratching and even chipping so some degree of care should be taken. Any serious damage does not mean it will need to be replaced though because repair is very simple. Sandpaper and more oil applied intensively over a few days will correct any accidental blemishes.

A sealant can be applied to the soapstone making it even more durable or alternatively the countertop can be left well alone where it will age unaided, darkening over the years. It has lots of potential so it is definitely worth considering when buying a new countertop.


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