Tandem Garage – Types, Pros and Cons

The English term tandem is derived from the Latin word tandem which means length. It is an arrangement in which things are lined behind one another and thus faces the same direction. This kind of arrangement was mainly associated with the “tandem harness” as two or more animals were harnessed in a single line instead of traditional harness that is side by side. Eventually the term has been used for vehicles like tandem bicycle and then entered the modern scenario where it is associated with garage.

tandem garage types, pros and cons

What is a Tandem Garage?

To be precise, it is two (sometimes more) car garage, but not the traditional one where the cars are placed side by side. The garage is built in such a way that one car is parked in front of the other.  The cars are placed end-to-end of the garage. This kind of structure is not very common, but it can help you to use the maximum garage space in conditions where you cannot afford a traditionally designed garage. Tandem garages can be of different size with two garage door facilities and are known as drive through tandem garages.

Different Types of Tandem Garage

You can mostly see two kinds of Tandem garage:

Two Car Tandem

This kind of garage has the width of a traditional garage for one car. For the best arrangement, the first car is placed in such a manner that the nose of the car is towards the back wall and the next car is then parked just behind the first one.

Three Car Tandem

At a width of two car traditional garage, you can accommodate three cars. The design of this kind of garage is unique. One side of the garage has the depth of a two car traditional garage and the other side is deep enough to accommodate two cars just like two car tandem garage. The other side allows end-end parking.

Benefits to have Tandem Garage

The greatest benefit to have one such Tandem garage is a space. It is very useful where the parking lot is in great demand.  There are many more to add on  like:

Add Property Value

If your house has the facility of Tandem garage, it is sure to attract more customers. As it provides more parking space than the traditional garage, it is most preferred in areas where houses or apartments are built in close proximity.

Aesthetic Touch

If you want to design your house in an aesthetic way, a large garage door is never an attractive idea. A narrow driveway is sure to provide more landscaping and less for pavement. Thus it also adds aesthetic value.

Drawbacks to have Tandem Garage

Tandem garage is not without any disadvantage. The greatest drawback is the inconvenience faced while moving the outer car to take out the inner car owing to the structuring of parking the cars. In some areas you need to take special permission to construct a tandem garage. There are locations where tandem garages are not even allowed.

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