Balancing The Affordable And Expensive For Home Décor

While watching so many movies and surfing the web, on the look out for the latest trends in home decorations, we have to admit that getting the house of our dreams seems mighty expensive.

Still if you put you mind to it, you may take on the challenge of decorating smart and because of the small budget you may be surprised to notice that, with a bit of planning some items can be very valuable for a long time but also not very expensive.

For example, one of the best methods I’ve tried while creating a pleasant inhabitable space without being completely broke in the end was to combine the expensive items with some more trendy but not exactly pricy things.

affordable & expensive for home decor 1

First thing first, for such a task you need to evaluate the room and the future positions of the items pushing forward certain pieces and hiding others in the background.

The secret is to focus on the chic elements that can really make a difference.

Take an old couch or armchair for example. No matter if is second hand furniture such an item can be refreshed and made outstanding if you “dress it” up in an exquisite fabric making it shine in a color that would complement the interior room paint.

When you consider a home office, focus on the essential and if it a must to buy a new desk choose an affordable one the type you can buy from IKEA. The value added must here go to the chair since a quality chair will make sure your back is comfortable but will also make the office look professional.

affordable & expensive for home decor 2

Accessorize a quality sofa – the likes of those that are sturdy for more than 20 years- with non expensive cushions that are in style. It is easier to add trendy accessories to such an item than to replace it completely every time the trend changes.

Look for expensive table lamps and set them on anonymous furniture especially if the furniture has a time stain on it. The lamps will add a shabby chic look and the vintage air will be insured.

Focus on capturing the attention of the people entering the room. For example a cheap coffee table can become amazing if you set on it a spectacular bouquet of flowers or a bunch of coffee table cooks elegantly spread on the table’s surface.

affordable & expensive for home decor 3Decorate the windows for they are responsible for the whole light that will spread in the room.

Focus on those details like curtains and choose spectacular ones even if they are not very expensive.

Take advantage of the light touching them and the shadows they will project on the room using natural light.

Invest in a closet or dressing. It is surely worth it for these are the pieces you will not change very often.

Here you have to focus on the quality and take maintenance under consideration when buying or building them.

Keep in mind that the most stylish piece of decoration you find on the web might as well be oriented to compliment certain key elements you observe because of the background they have.

Focus on the details and the dream decoration will become doable without emptying your pockets.


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