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Keep the Family Close with a Wall of Fame

For the advanced craft minded families that have ventured into scrap booking; a gathering of my loving family is not so much a meeting of the minds, as it is a meeting of the scrap albums. This is a where bragging rights go to those with the most complete, most precious, most elegant scrap albums […]

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Balancing The Affordable And Expensive For Home Décor

While watching so many movies and surfing the web, on the look out for the latest trends in home decorations, we have to admit that getting the house of our dreams seems mighty expensive. Still if you put you mind to it, you may take on the challenge of decorating smart and because of the […]

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The Green And The Functional – The Right Choice For Countertops

Few years back, any kind of go-green product was looked upon as a futile attempt. I guess this reaction was mainly because of lack of awareness and a solid proof about its sustainability. Now, the trend has changed. People have come to realize the value behind eco-friendly products and are opting out to them as […]

The Hunt For The Perfect Furniture

The Hunt For The Perfect Furniture

When somebody buys a house the very first thing they do is to start investing. All of us are consuming creatures not approving of anything others have done with a place so it is only natural that everything needs to be replaced. I saw so many people going crazy over a type of tile or […]

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10 Plus 1 Things You Shouldn’t Do While Decorating

Did you notice that all the house decorating magazines always give us advice about what and how should we do to get a agreeable and functional residence? But there are so many things that one should not do when decorating a house and those you cannot find anywhere. That is why after experiencing them at […]

Decorating A House Takes Attitude And Adventure

Decorating A House Takes Attitude And Adventure

When I told my girlfriends I am determined to think and design the interior of country house on my own, they all told me I was crazy. Considering the prices the decorators have nowadays, the economical crisis and my spirit of adventure, I told myself I will show them …and started to work. The fist […]

I Have The Best Kitchen In The World

I Have The Best Kitchen In The World

People like doing stuff in their free time. Everyone has some kind of a hobby or an activity that will put his mind at ease after a hard day’s work. There are many collectors of all different kinds of things, some like to exercise or do some collective sport activity. Others just want to watch […]

Don't Let Colors Rule Your Life

Don’t Let Colors Rule Your Life

They say home is where the heart is, so very often, without knowing, we change our home accordingly with the changes that happen in our lives. What we change is the color of the walls[wall painting] and furniture. Sometimes it is conscious, sometimes it is not, but it happens without a doubt. And when it […]

How Do We Take Care Of Our Antique Treasures?

How Do We Take Care Of Our Antique Treasures?

Neither you nor I are ever thinking that taking care of our precious antiques can damage their value or even destroy them. So many of us make expensive mistakes handling our antiques and we do not realize that until it is too late. An improper care can and will damage the antiques and the effect […]