Harmonize Your Home With Earth Elements

The modern tendencies encourage the home owners to consider a warmer touch as decoration details are concerned. The Asian  Feng Shui tradition supports introducing inside the home something representative for every natural element and this way creating a balance that will make the home more in harmony with its inhabitants.

The Celts, another ancient people, whose religious belief was connected with nature, considered that having nature elements inside will make the home part of the living environment and harvest all positive energies from it.

earthly elements

Earth elements have been into decoration for many years but the recent trends have contributed more and more to introducing them into the design responsible to make our interiors more welcoming but also more picturesque.

Tree bark and dry tree branches are part of the vegetal elements that would compliment a large room with a lot of light. The warm brown tones are carrying inside the home the feeling of the nature being close but they also add a drop of vintage rustic air.

A roomy living room would be perfect for rattan furniture decoration, artistic chairs made of tree logs, rugs with autumn leaves motifs, in short anything reminding of a forest and its energy.

earthly items

Rocks are also an integrated part in the Earth elements trend. River rocks polished by the water flow gave a natural gloss and can be found anywhere. Such a rock can be artistically placed of a wood table and become the decoration that would take the table out of anonymity.

You can go for placing stones in a row along a hallway to make it look like a path from the forest and the effect will sure be unique.

As colors go mild tones and textures are a good idea. You can choose tapestries, rugs colored in earth tones, curtains made of flax fabric, practically anything that would encourage the positive, nurturing, energy come inside.

rustic furniture

Respecting the Feng Shui tradition, the Earth is responsible for balance so a home decorated with Earth tones would help restore the balance in the life of whoever lives inside it.

Keep in mind that you can rise up the note a bit and place bamboo decorative elements here and there, put artistic collage paintings on the walls and paint the house in mild tones of yellow, soft green, peach or cream.

Earth tones are stylish, a bit conservatory but also perfect for a person wanting to bring more harmony inside the home.


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