3 Factors That Can Affect Your Moving Estimate

With all the complications that come with moving from your current house to a new one, you need to be on top of things early on – especially when it comes to the moving estimate. The key lies in having a solid financial plan ahead of time. You need to know the most important factors that will affect your moving estimate.


Moving services required One of the biggest, if not the biggest factor that will determine how much your final moving cost will be is the amount of help you will need during the actual moving. In other words, your requirements for the moving services will matter significantly.

For example, if you decide to have the movers handle all of the important aspects of the relocation process, then expect to shell out a huge amount of money. The relocation process involves different tasks like packing your stuff, loading your items inside the truck, and transporting them to your new house. It also involves unpacking all of your things once they reach your new home.

But thankfully, there is a way for you to cut down on these expenses. You may opt to share in some of the workloads. If you can make time, take care of the packing of your stuff. You may also handle the disassembling of your bigger furniture.

Some of the additional fees that add up come in the form of specific handling, packing, and transporting requirements. This may be creating, split pick-up, and delivery, among other things. Your Brentwood real estate agent should be able to assist you during this process.

In addition, movers who will carry your things up a number of flights on the stairs will require you to pay a flight charge. In some cases, an elevator fee is needed. If your furniture does not fit through the doors or hallways of your new property, you may need to pay for a hosting service.

The date of your move

Another factor that affects your moving estimate is the date and time of your actual move. Generally speaking, moving rates tend to go higher during summer. This is because the season is where most people conduct their moving. If you wish to enjoy cheaper rates, schedule your moving date during the off-season. This is typical during the months of September until mid-May of the following year.

If you decide to move your items during national holidays or during the first and last days of the month, expect to be charged higher than usual.

Your insurance

The last major factor that affects your moving costs is moving insurance. Let’s try to break this matter down. Though there is basic liability coverage that comes for free via the professional moving services, the coverage may not be enough to ensure everything you are moving. This applies especially if you have big-ticket items.

So if you are looking for more comprehensive coverage, you will likely need to shell out more. In the market for Brentwood real estate, contact a trusted real estate agent today.


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