Nautical Home Décor Brings The Adventure Air In Your House

For those who love everything about the sea and are looking for a unique décor theme for their homes or even offices the nautical home décor could easily be what their heart wishes.

Depending on how much of the sea you want to bring home, you could use the colors of the sea along with accessories that highlight your love for the sea, or you could decide to pick every possible accessory with the nautical theme. And believe me when I say you can find everything with a nautical theme down to the hardware on your closet door.

nautical home decor

The basic colors of a nautical home décor theme would be the shades of sea, blue and green along with the neutral colors of sand and wood. You could decide to do one room or the complete house in the theme of your choice. Every accessory that you may think of can be found with a nautical theme be it cushions, throws, duvets, artifacts, decorative pieces, nautical birds, bar equipment and even door knockers.

With such a wide range of choice you can indulge to your heart’s content and go ahead with the nautical home décor. You can pick up beautiful brass artifacts shaped like portholes, anchors, ship wheels and even sea gulls.

If you want an antique look you can easily pick up antique finish anchors, sailboat replicas, ship wheels, paddles, divers’ helmet, port holes and pulleys along with framed artwork that will give your room a unique antique look. You can even use these artifacts to give the feeling of wrecked ship sunk under the sea which makes for a lovely nautical home décor.

nautical home decoration

Cushions and throws available in different nautical prints and collages bring in plenty of sea colors into a room, whether the bedroom or the sitting room. You can coordinate them with intricately designed Afghans that depict beautiful nautical scenes to complete the look.

To add to the look, pick, lampshades, wall hangings, clocks and similar other things in a myriad of nautical themes. You can also pick up beautiful nautical theme stained glasses framed in nautical themed frames.

How about a nautical bar to complete the nautical home décor? Choose from porthole ice buckets, light house paper napkin holders, a multitude of styles of bottle openers and wine holders. The wine holders in particular can be found in numerable designs right from pirate cannon to happy captain. You will be spoiled with the number of choices.


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