The Green And The Functional – The Right Choice For Countertops

Few years back, any kind of go-green product was looked upon as a futile attempt. I guess this reaction was mainly because of lack of awareness and a solid proof about its sustainability.

Now, the trend has changed. People have come to realize the value behind eco-friendly products and are opting out to them as a better option. I am seeing that a plethora of products are turning green these days.

countertops 1A latest trend that is catching up fast is the infusion of eco-friendliness inside home must haves. Putting up eco-friendly floor, carpet, and counter tops is becoming popular and we are all witnessing a great hike in the sale of such products for the past few months.

I have no doubt that flooring is one of the most essential elements in setting up a beautiful house. This might probably be the reason why people pay great attention to flooring in particular.

Eco-friendly products are the popular choices for flooring. I notice that customers specifically ask for reclaimed wood flooring and carpets that are recyclable. These carpets come in different colors, patterns and designs. The choice is endless.

Needless to say, you would just go gaga over a very user-friendly option where you could just remove a stained tile and replace it with another instead of changing the whole floor.

countertops 2

You may think that the options of eco-friendliness in regard to flooring end here, but the next option would surely take you by surprise.

A linoleum floor covering is yet another hot area in flooring. Linoleum floor coverings are made of renewable materials that include cork flour, pine rose oil, wood dust, linseed oil, pigment and limestone. Cork floor is a comfort flooring that is soft unlike other floorings.

Countertops are other home utility products that can be made out of eco-friendly materials. Countertops made from renewable materials are also a great hit.

You should have no doubt about its durability because it is made to last long. These eco-friendly countertops are made from sustainable materials like recycled glass, bamboo and paper.

countertops 3

thSome counters are made of cements mixed with fly ash, a waste product of coal-burning which commonly ends up in landfills – a sustainable method which will contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the house.

In case of recycled glass kitchen countertops, colorful recycled glasses are mixed with cement, concrete or resin base.

I guess end-grain bamboo kitchen counters will become the favorite choice of fashion conscious people. Bamboo is a great substitute for wood. Bamboos grow very fast unlike wood, becoming a perfect renewable resource.

Recycled paper kitchen countertops prove to be stain resistant and are made from recycled paper.

What amazes me most is that the options for green and sustainable home decoration are more and more varied every day and the beauty of it is that you can choose those renewable materials that will perfectly fit in to your kitchen’s space and look.

A greener home is a home with smaller carbon footprint. Decorating it smartly with the environment in mind will sure make a difference in the long run.


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