Curtain Fabric & Finials in Window Décor

Window décor is fast catching up as a quick fix way to instill freshness to your interiors. And what better way than curtain fabric and finials to achieve this. Here are some tips on how to dress your windows right.

Size of the room

The color and texture of the curtain fabric should be your first priority while planning your window project. Curtains take up a sizeable amount of visual space and hence it becomes imperative to choose the curtain based on the size and color of the room. Accordingly, for a small room it is prudent to choose light textures and pastel shades on curtains. Also it is preferable to include sheers or similar materials that allow more light into the small room. For larger rooms, you can explore bold colors and prints especially if the walls are bare and white.

Proportion of the Curtain

It is the basic requirement of curtains that they be flowing. For this you need to allow generous proportions of length and width. It is not enough to just cover the window. The thumb rule when purchasing curtain fabric is that it should be at least double the measurement of the window width. Another main consideration is that they should always skim or graze the floor but never higher than that. If you are buying ready-to-use models go for longer lengths which can be hemmed if required.


Drapes come in a variety of fabric choices – cotton, silk, satin and synthetic are the most common choices. However, velvets and wools are also used when designing more opulent interiors. These can be aptly accessorized with fringes and tassels to extend a Victorian feel.

Curtain Lining

If the purpose of your window curtain is to control the light and temperature of the room then it makes sense to go for a cotton lining for the curtain fabric. Go for blackout lighting only if required. Else you could end up with a hot and dingy room.

Curtain Rods and Finials

The hardware of the window décor is as important as the curtain fabric itself. If they are mismatched o of lesser quality then it shows. Really! There are a variety of rods and finials available in the hardware stores. Choosing them requires some inputs. Decorative and ornate ones are usually made of heavy hardware and well suited for drapes made of heavier fabric such as velvets. Similarly, silks, satins and sheers deserve lighter and dainty designs.

Finials are the climax of your window decoration. They give the finishing touch to the curtain rod and are a reflection of your attention to detail.


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