How to Design a Perfect Subtly Sexy Bedroom

If you wish to make your bedroom look subtly sexy you do not need to search for an interior designer; you can do it yourself by playing with some colors, alluring décor items and other ecstatic designing. Here are some ways mentioned below which would be helpful.

design a perfect subtly sexy bedroom


  • To design a subtly sexy bedroom special priority must be rendered to the bedding. Make certain they are comfortable ones. Invest in satin or silk bed sheets of soothing tones like ivory, clear blue, soft pink with matching pillow covers. Quirky pillows with love messages printed on them would be interesting. Include a good stack of soft cushions for extra comfort.
  • While soothing colors in your bedroom are good for sleeping, they are not going to yield the same intimate and cozy feel like dark colors. It is safer to choose something in between and go for lavender or warm shades of gray, tans or rose. Even if you wish to paint the walls with rich colors of scarlet, purple or blues make it a point to neutralize it by using other things in the bedroom of light shades. Painting walls in warm hues and using bed linens and curtains of contrasting bright shades would be appealing.
  • Make sure that the bedroom is well illuminated. You may set up an elegant chandelier from the ceiling of your bedroom. A nice dim night lamp will be sexy.
  • Candles carry an aura of romanticism. Varieties of candles are easily available in the market. Purchase some scented candles of lavender or vanilla. Utilize them to illuminate your bedroom and save money as well as electricity by turning off the lights.
  • Selection of appropriate furniture is essential. Antique wooden furniture with patterns carved on them would be worthy. You may also pick modern furniture painted in cream or white colors.
  • Peace and tranquility is the predominant feature of a sexy bedroom. Use tall and heavy draperies on the windows to reduce unwanted noise from outside.
  • Nothing else is as much romantic as the right form of soft music. Make a romantic playlist for your bedroom by including sensual jazz and classical music.
  • Lastly, make sure that your bedroom is always tidy and neat. It is the first thing a person will notice whenever he walks into your bedroom. Even if everything else in the room is fine, a filthy room will be a mood spoiler. Wash all bed linens and curtains from time to time. Use a room freshener so that your bedroom always smells fresh.



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