Integrating Topiaries in Outside and Inside Décor

In case you are considering a touch of elegance when using plants for home décor, topiaries are the ideal choice to make a difference. They are the touch that will make every house stand out, no matter if they are used indoors or outdoors. Regardless the season, they preserve their beautiful foliage.

Integrating Topiaries In Outside Décor 1

Welcoming Style

The best way to greet visitors is by adding topiaries at the entry. They may be shaped in different forms, and if put in the right pots, they will definitely make your front entry stand out. Depending on everybody’s style, they may be big or small. The spiral shaped ones are ideal for the porch and impressive front doors.

If you have stairs, buy little pots and place them on every step. Those little topiaries will give an amazing look and will make your house unforgettable.

Nature and Art

You can always make a shade garden out of different types of topiaries, placing them in front of the house. And remember that it is an art to shape a topiary, so purchase them only if you are passionate enough to take care of them.

Integrating Topiaries In Outside Décor

Simply Amazing

The balcony is a place especially made for relaxation, and there is nothing more relaxing than a touch of green added by an interesting topiary.  If you have a roof terrace, you will be able to create a personal paradise by only adding as many topiaries as possible, completing the landscape with some flowers.

Soften the inside space

Soften the Inside Space

Add more life to your living room by choosing a pair of topiaries. They’ll certainly give more glamour to the room, and if you choose white decorations, the look will be complete. Place them next to the curtains or near a sofa. They look great with white living rooms.

Fireplaces are more than some heating instruments, they are actually the perfect signature of a stylish home, so it is no wonder that placing some topiaries next to them will make the perfect balance. Another option would be on top of the fireplace, desirably by a mirror’s side.

Inspiring Tips

No matter if you want to make your bookcase stand out, create a formal atmosphere in the dining room or make your bath more welcoming, the topiaries all the right choice.

Classy Kitchen

Classy Kitchen

Kitchen is a place to relax, so add your favorite topiary next to the sink. It will give a chic look. In this way your activity will be even more enjoyable.


During Christmas time, these plants can be decorated with garlands of ornaments, while on Halloween they can be filled by the specific orange and spooky decorations.

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