6 Smart and Simple Polka Dots Kids Room Decor Ideas

Polka dots have been into fashion since long, be it for garments, home decor, prints for various needs etc. This is a pattern that consists of an array of colourful circles that are filled with single colours. During its initial usage, the dots were seen in equal size and spaced closely at regular intervals to their diameters. However, in recent days polka dots are seen in various sizes, randomly spaced and also in varied colours.

Polka dots are symbolically considered to be for “kids” and are extensively seen on kid’s furniture, clothing, toys and even rooms. You can effectively decorate a kid’s room with simple polka dots and yet make it look unique and attractive. Here are few ideas for your help –

polka dots kids room decor ideasOn One Wall

The room must be having a focus point, be it a study table, play corner or the bed. You can choose the wall that has this focus point and give it polka wallpaper. The colour and combination can be as per the kid’s choice of colours – multicoloured dots, or pink and white for the girl and blue and white for the boy. Make sure the other walls of the room have either of the shades to compliment the wall decor.

Polka Dots on Upholstery

This decorating idea have come back over the years. During early 19th century, this print was very common on curtains and cushion covers and now it’s back for the kids again. You can get the bed sheet, pillow covers, cushions and curtains in polka dots, the colour should be matching and complimenting.

Contrasting Polka Dot Colours

When you give a certain colour combination of polka dots on one wall, suppose the dots are white and the wall is painted blue, the opposite wall can be painted white and the dots can be blue. One wall can have the bed, while the other can set in the study table.

On the Furniture

Wallpapers are being used extensively on furniture as well. Usually kids’ room have furniture painted in pastel shades like white, beige, pink, sky blue etc. You can buy polka dots of the darker shade and stick them on the furniture or even better paint them on the furniture. This not only gives the room a bright look but your little one would love using the furniture pieces for long.

On the Doormat and Carpet

The floor is often the most monotonous part of the home if you don’t wrap it up with interesting patches. Here again, polka dots can create the magic, the doormat of the kids room ought to be bright and inviting, use multicoloured polka dots and a WELCOME tag in middle. Similarly, the carpet can also be in polka dots that stand matching to the door mat. This is will give a colourful addition to the plain floor tiles.

Use Animal Prints in Between

Zebra print (white and black stripes), tiger prints (yellow and black stripes) or deer prints (brown and white dots) are being used extensively with combination to solid coloured polka dots. These are usually used on walls and are of much larger size so that the visual effect is greater.


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