Wish to Go Green with Home Decorating – Know the Best Tips and Suggestions

When it comes to being eco-friendly, the idea isn’t only limited to the natural environment or outdoor spaces. One can also follow eco-friendly tips at home. There are many ways to go green within the walls of your own homes and one of the ways to do so is to consider green home decoration.

There are many ways for you to decorate your homes in an eco-friendly way, one which is least harmful for the environment and the eco-system as a whole.  Ofcourse, saving water and energy are great ideas but besides these, there are many other ways of contributing. The following are the best green home decorating tips and suggestions for you:

wish to go green with home decoratingSelect Natural Gas Fireplace

Most houses in the colder areas of the world have fireplaces in them, which can either be for decorative purpose or actual use. It is a great idea to go for a fireplace which uses natural gas method.  Natural gas fireplaces avoid the need for burning wood which can lead to deforestation and also releases several harmful toxins into the environment.

Using Green Roofing Material

Another way of decorating your home using an ecofriendly method is to make use of a green roofing material.  There are many roofing materials which are made out of recycled resources and are rated as Energy-Star.  One such example of a green roofing material is a roof made using aluminummetal. This material is naturally heat resistant and can also be reused and thus is a great option.

Use Natural Paints

Another way to decorate your home using an eco-friendly method is to use natural paints.  Natural paints are those kinds of paints which are free from any harmful toxins or substances such as volatile organic compounds etc.  Natural paints are often made out of plant extracts, minerals, oils and are safe to use.

Avoid using Wooden Furniture

Avoiding the use of wooden furniture is another way to go green with decoration of your house. Wooden furniture is made using trees which leads to their cutting down and is hence not good for the environment. It is true that wood cannot be totally banned but the least we can do is to minimize the wooden furniture and rather use the one made out of other materials. Some examples of these other eco-friendly materials are bamboo, teak, recycled wood, rattan.

Use Organic Products

When it comes to decoration of the house, the upholstery, bedding and curtains are also important parts and by choosing green alternatives for some harmful materials, we can do the environment a great favor.  We can thus opt for organic bed sheets and bedding and go for similar materials for upholstery and curtains etc.

Grass Flooring

Another way to go green with decoration of the house is to opt for flooring which is made using eco-friendly materials. Bamboo is a popular choice for eco-friendly flooring and is as durable as oak.  It is a renewable, sustainable and quick to grow material.


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