Benefits of Pure Wool as an Ideal Rug Material

It has been a long tradition of using wool as a possible floor covering material. Its structure and the fact that it is natural makes it an ideal rug material and very well suited for placing it on top of other types of floor coverings as well. Not only does it provides an unparalleled authenticity but also is made up of a fiber which cannot be matched by any other material. The following are some of the more benefits of using pure wool as an ideal rug material:

benefits of pure wool as an ideal rug material

  • Wool is an authentic material which is synthetic in no way and acts as a perfect spread or rug for the floors.
  • Wool is very stylish and can uplift the character and look of any indoor space. It is available in over 300 colors because it has high protein content and this is another thing that adds to its visual appeal. When dyed, wood excels both in the clarity of color as well as depth and these points make it ideal for any indoor colored space.
  • Another benefit of using wool as a rug material is that it is incredibly sustainable because it is produced by sheep which are fed on pastures that are powered by sunlight. So when wool is harvest and spun, it has the ability to be safely returned to the ground and can even be recycled.
  • As a floor covering or rug, wool is amazingly healthy. This is true because this material doesn’t give out any harmful toxins which are found to be released from other synthetic materials or fibers. This material is also non-allergenic and never promotes the growth of bacteria in it.
  • It does not encourage the growth of dust mites and is thus even safe for kids or little infants present in the house.
  • Wool rugs are likely to last for many years because wool is springy and its fibers have the ability to be stretched by more than 35% without worrying about them not coming back to their original composition. Thus wool rugs last for long without any wear and tear and spending on wool can be a good investment.
  • Wool is an energy efficient material which means that this material prevents heat loss which leads to the reduction in heat or energy consumption in the winters.
  • Wool is an easy to clean material which is also stain resistant.


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