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  • eco friendly ways to clean your house

    Top 8 Eco Friendly Ways to Clean your House

    Of the many good and efficient ways to clean a house, the ones that are eco-friendly go a long way in protecting the environment and giving your fresh and clean air to breathe. It is better to live in a toxin less house as this can help in better sleep, better concentration and also makes […]

  • Electric Barbeque

    Why Electric BBQs are Getting Hotter These Days: Enjoy Barbeque While its Hot!

    Are you searching for answers on how to organize a hassle-free gathering? Parties with friends or family gatherings are activities we opt to involve with as part of relaxation and socialization. Of course, these events will never be complete without preparing food. One of the traditional yet most convenient ways to celebrate gatherings is spending […]

  • ways to escape a locked room

    The Best 5 Ways to Escape a Locked Room

    Challenging and uncommon problems are a common part of human life and this might be encountered by anybody and anytime. Hence, it is essential that you are prepared for it. One such problem that may be faced by you is getting yourself in a locked room. This could be by the knob getting locked all […]

  • ways to decorate your house in a primitive way

    10 Superb Ways to Decorate your House in a Primitive Way

    While most people like decorating their houses using modern ways and contemporary designs, there are some who like to give it a rather old feel and primitive look. Primitive decoration may mean different things to different people and hence primitive décor can be achieved in a lot many ways. The following are 10 of the […]

  • coolest ways to make your staircase look interesting

    Some of the Coolest Ways to Make your Staircase Look Interesting

    Most of us get so busy in decorating our bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and even bathrooms that we forget that even the staircase is an integral part of the house and needs some of your attention. Staircases are really interesting places that can be decorated with many creative ideas and techniques. Depending upon your […]

  • rain garden

    10 Tips to Create a Successful Rain Garden

    A rain garden is an area of the shape of a bowl in a yard that collects all the rainwater from the roof, the driveway and all other parts of the house and allows it to soak into the soil rather than causing any kind of water pollution.  These gardens act like the best means […]

  • kid-friendly bathroom ideas

    8 Best Kid-Friendly Bathroom Ideas

    When kids start growing up a little bit and are capable of going to the bathroom on their own or washing hands on their own, you must make all efforts to make your bathroom as safe and friendly for your little one as possible. Small additions and changes can do the trick and avoid any […]

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