A Small Renovation Can Make a Huge Impact

You only have a small budget for a small renovation. But did you know that you can still make a huge impact despite your financial constraints? Let’s take a look at some few tips that will go a long way in terms of making a strong impact in your Rancho Santa Fe real estate property renovation project.

Focus first on the small things, which are the clutter and minor aesthetic imperfections on your home. A property, even if it is desirable to many, may stay longer in the market than it really should. And one of the reasons for the delay in its sale is the clutter that homeowners could have addressed way before they opened the house for showing.

Kitchen renovation

Moreover, you also need to keep an eye for shoddy wall repair jobs and uneven paint. These small things also matter in the eyes of prospective buyers. If you see these things, simply set aside a budget of around $1,500 to address these concerns.

With such a budget, you can cover paint, wall repair, as well as furniture rental and staging fees to transform your house into something more appealing to the eyes. Whatever you will spend for these, you can always include it on top of the buyer’s asking price.

Keep in mind these valuable tips if you are working on a tight budget:

Eliminate clutter in your kitchen

Clutter can easily turn off interested home buyers. Clutter sends the message that your kitchen lacks storage space. Check out your cabinets and countertops and clear away those stainless steel appliances, dishes, and other kitchen items. Your buyers need to see how beautiful and spacious your cabinets and countertops are. Kitchens are an enormous selling point for Rancho Santa Fe homes for sale on the market today.

More is less

This is one good mantra you should adhere to. This means making the most out of your current kitchen space. You can do so by limiting the items that you place on your countertops. Just stick to the essentials like your coffeemaker. It also wouldn’t hurt if you retain your towel holder since you will be using it most of the time.

Establish their purpose

Do you have lots of space above your kitchen that you don’t use? Such space should never go to waste. You need to find a purpose for it. Empty spaces in your house mean they can be turned into something useful. Buyers can place small tables and chairs and make these spaces useful. Hence, use them even before you decide to sell your house.

Flaunt it

Lastly, you need to show what you’ve really got. Do away with those unnecessary curtains that cover pieces that may serve as highlights in your living room. If you have a coffee table or a nice rug, don’t hesitate to flaunt them.



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