How to Add Value to Your Home

If you are thinking about selling your home in 2022, you’re certainly not alone. With so many Essex property owners looking to secure a quick, profitable sale, you are going to need to make your home stand out if you are going to boost its value. To help you out, here’s some advice on how to ensure your home sells for the best possible price.

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Convert your loft

Buyers are always looking for more usable space in a property, and a beautifully converted loft can add as much as 20% to a property’s value. So, what should you convert your loft into to maximise the value that it will add to your home? Well, buyers love to have an extra bedroom – and it’s even more attractive if the space has an en-suite, particularly if the property only has one family bathroom. However, a home office is really popular in these times too!

If you are going to have your loft converted, it’s important that you work with one of the leading specialists in hip to gable loft conversion Essex has to offer.

Fix any structural issues

You should tend to any structural issues if you want to get a good price for your property. This can be anything from major structural concerns such as subsidence, to a relatively minor issue like replacing broken roof tiles. Depending on the severity of the problem, you should reach out to a builder, surveyor or structural engineer for advice. Some odd jobs around the house can be tackled yourself, but in the case of a structural issue it’s much better to leave it to the professionals.

Update your decor

Is the decor in your property looking a little tired and dated? Then it’s time to give it a revamp! Not all buyers are looking for a project, and many want a home that they can move straight into. Things to tackle include peeling paint and wallpaper, mouldy sealant, cracks to ceilings and plasterwork, door handles or hinges that don’t work, and dripping taps. If it’s been annoying you for a while, it’s definitely going to be a red flag for a buyer who’s looking for a home that requires no work.

Exterior details

It’s not just about the inside of your home either – you should be focusing your attention on the exterior too. Kerb appeal plays a huge part in making your home attractive to buyers – and commanding a higher price as a result. So make sure that it looks tidy and presentable from the front, and extend that focus to the back as well. You don’t have to work miracles – just reassure buyers that everything is well-kept. So, be sure to get the lawnmower out this weekend, and take a close look at your guttering, fascias, and soffits too.

What next?

Of course, your estate agent will be able to further advise you on what work is needed to make your home likely to sell for the price you have in mind. Working with them and any trusted local building and decorating specialists, you will be able to maximise the appeal of your home.


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