Trendy, Green And Eco-Friendly Kitchen Equals The Most Original Decorating Idea

An innovation, eco-friendly style and ergonomic design – all these are offered by Faltazi with their later Ekokook kitchen.

ekokookFaltazi is a company, which specializes in home and kitchen eco decorations. It’s brand new creation contributes the idea of green life style as never before.

ekokook 01The Ekokook is labeled as the kitchen of the future and offers many options for those who are willing to add a greener style in their kitchen decoration.

ekokook 03The designer decisions about this kitchen are based on maximum cleaning and simple lines. This  is one complex kitchen, which offers more space and more options such as sorting waste, storage of  vegetables, conservation of water and container gardening.

ekokook 02The good news is that there are different accommodations, inserted in its design representing categories for solid, liquid and organic food.


The kitchen of the future is aiming to use smart and power-saving devices such as steam oven and twin-tier dishwashers. The green design of this kitchen is said to be more functional than any design in this area.


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