1001 Arabian Nights In A Majestic Modern Vision

This 800m² Villa has been designed for a luxurious housing development scheme in Riyadh. Villa Ajmakan is one of the three types of villas that are on offer. This exclusive residential colony is spread over 185hectares and is located towards the northwest of this Saudi Arabian city.

It’s like the 1001 Arabian nights in steel and concrete. These villas are fantastically designed and combine modern clean lines with Arabian aesthetics. The stark white walls and the part glass walls make the structure truly majestic. The Villa has been designed in three floors.

The ground floor is airy and cool with an almost 4m high ceiling. All the formal rooms are located on this floor, the formal living and dining as well as the Majilis. The formal rooms all have great views of the greenery and the fountains in the garden.

The Majilis look sublime with the sunlight creeping in through the perforations in the concrete walls. The huge formal entrance comprising of the central staircase is well lit with the natural light that finds its way in through the glass floor on the top floor.

The formal entrance leads to all the formal rooms. The rooms are made warm and welcoming with the use of textures, tiles, fabrics and lighting.

Source : Hofmandujardin



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