Small Kitchen, Small Space Wonders on a Small Budget

Space is at a premium and one needs to do with smaller living spaces. Kitchens too suffer from this and it may be very difficult to the proud owner of a big airy kitchen. Small kitchens are the norm these days.

However, this does not mean that the kitchen has to be a dreary corner of the home. It can be renovated using budget ideas to look vibrant and full of life. Smart ideas can help renovate a kitchen on a small budget.

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Change the cabinet doors in the kitchen. It will be less expensive then installing new cabinets. By changing the doors you will succeed in creating a new, look for the kitchen. Avoid a profusion of colors as it will make the mall space more claustrophobic. Think in terms of neutral shades highlighted with a bold color.

If it is not feasible to change the cabinet doors simply change their color with paint. Check to see if the doors are sturdy, and then use some sand paper and remover to remove the old color. Put on a fresh coat of color to change your kitchen over the weekend.

Create some extra space by removing the refrigerator. The refrigerator may find its new home under the stairs or some such near by space. The old refrigerator nook can be used to create a pantry. Use storage space more efficiently with the help of drawers. Multiple drawers will help store more things more efficiently instead of big cabinets.

Add some pizzazz to the kitchen with wall backdrop display-shelves. Mark off a space on the wall and give it a vibrant color or with the accent color you plan to use in the kitchen.

Fix some open shelves onto the splash of wall color. Take care to hide the hooks. Free standing shelves against a vibrant background are the perfect place to display your crockery or other fine dining items.

Small changes like using new upholstery for the breakfast stools will help you bring in some freshness without having to shell out big bucks. It can be easily done by you and will take only a couple of hours to change the upholstery for three to four stools.

Look for vintage items that can be converted into light fixtures. If you can’t find something attractive, build one yourself. Of course…if you do not feel so adventurous, you can pick some from online stores.

A little creativity will help give your kitchen a facelift on a budget.


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