Budget Upgrades for a Refreshed Home Décor

Renovating or upgrading your home need not be an expensive project. Small inexpensive changes and additions can go a long way to give your home a new and fresh look. One of the easiest ways to save money while contemplating renovations is to look for easy to do DIY projects.

Wall paints and floor paints are one of the easiest ways to give a room or a home a completely new look. Get yourself a can of wall paint and bring life to a drab room. All you need is a weekend to transform a home. Use of bold lush colors can help bring in life.

Renovating Home DIY(photo credit: thisoldhouse.com)

Floor paints too can uplift a room. They can be used on most surfaces and you can paint the floor in a pattern or go wild with colors to bring more vitality to the room.

Add elegance to any room with the help of crown moldings. They are now available in easy to install styles that help you add plenty of charm to a room or an entire home. The new generation of crown moldings is made of polystyrene and can be easily cut with a hand saw.

Easy to fit and beautiful, the crown molding will lift your home’s spirit on a low budget of money and time.

Slippery stairs can be easily taken care of with ready made runner carpets that are easy to install and fairly easy on the pocket too. They can also help spruce up old looking stairs without having to spend thousands in getting new runners.

Look for bargains at the flea market. Think creatively to convert old items into vintage beauties. You could use old lanterns or unique glass bottles as a lamp shade or hanging lamp. Let the imagination go wild and use things they were never supposed to be.

An old metal fence can be spruced up and hung upside down to provide a row of hooks. The idea is to think out of the box to bring unique décor to your homes.

Look for seconds sales or fire sales that offer merchandise with flaws. In most cases the flaw can be as minor as a botched batch of dye. It will help you save lot of money and your friends and family will be none the wiser.

Choose appliances that help you save on energy and water in the long run. It could be an efficient dish washer, a programmable thermostat or an insulating cork floor, a water filter or even ceiling fans to cope with heat. They may look like expenditure but will pay for themselves in a very short time and then help you save on expenses.


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