Top Veggies You Can Grow Inside a City Flat

If you are determined to grow your own vegetables, you should know that you don’t need a huge garden to do so. There are a lot of possibilities even in case you only have a balcony or a patio. There are more and more options to choose from every year so if you are a daring flat garden make sure you keep an open mind.

There are some vegetables that you have never eaten before, or you didn’t like the canned version, but now you could have your own fresh vegetables.

Green PotsThe vegetables for containers include beets. There are some people who simply hated them until they tried the fresh ones.

You should know that the fresh vegetables taste very different from the pickled ones.

The plant doesn’t need a lot of space, even more, it is enough to have as little space as a cake pan, and you should pick them while they are small and tender.

Spinach is another vegetable that you could grow in your little garden. The advantage is that it is good both raw and cooked. You should pick the leaves while they are young and tender and the best thing about the plant is that it doesn’t have to produce fruit, so it doesn’t need a lot of space.

Remember that it prefers the cool weather and it doesn’t support the hot sunny days.

Just like spinach, leaf lettuce could also be grown in a container and it takes little time for the lettuce to mature. The leaves are best young and tender and in order to have continuous supply, you should start the pots at different times. There is also the possibility to grow miniature head lettuce.

The scientists have created numerous kinds of tomatoes that are suitable to be grown in the patio. The traditional plants need a lot of space to grow and also a lot of dirt. On the other hand the patio tomatoes are really compact and they have been created to retain a small size to be able to fit in a flower pot.

Similarly to beets, radishes don’t need a lot of space either and it doesn’t take them much time to mature. Growing them is quite fun and they make every salad complete.

Green peppers can also be grown in pots and although they need warm weather, it isn’t difficult to grow them. You could freeze them, but they are great in salads as well. In case you don’t mind experimenting, you could look for a web site to buy mini peppers.

They also have a decorating effect because they are small and colorful.

In the past green beans needed a lot of space to grow, but people have come up with some types that are suitable to be grown in a container. These are known as dwarf green beans, and you could plant 16 of them in a square foot. This way this plant is just perfect to be grown in a container.

Other vegetables that you could grow in a small pace include squash, eggplant, swiss chard and don’t forget about the herbs for they are the most versatile plants for an apartment garden.


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