Maximize Space With Practical Kitchen Decor

Decorating our homes is part of the privilege of owning one. We must understand however that our homes have different rooms that need special attention. Our kitchen area is definitely one aspect of our homes that we should pay much attention to and looking for the right kitchen décor can make it a better place to cook and eat in.

kitchen decorKitchens are the most utilized areas compared to any other rooms in houses. Fact is we spend almost half of our day there. When we are hungry we go there, when we are thirsty we go there. We consistently visit our kitchen all throughout the day. If there is one room that we need to beautify the most, it is our kitchen. However, it is the most prone area to clutter and mess as well.

The way we choose our kitchen décor will determine how beautiful our kitchen will be. The way we set them up determines how organized it will look after.  Therefore shopping and setting up kitchen décor should be given careful thought. The following are tips to reduce the clutter as we add the following kitchen decor to our kitchen.

Double purpose decor

When you shop for kitchen decor, shop with the intent for beautifying and reducing clutter. A cute jar that could be used as a kitchen decor and for storing cookies is better than buying a cute jar with no use at all. Having coffee and sugar containers that look like kitchen decor at the same time will help reduce the clutter. Having double purpose kitchen decor will save you space and reduce the mess in your kitchen.


Mirrors serve as great kitchen decor. They are flat and do not take up any of the space you use for cooking. Furthermore, it gives an illusion of a wider space than the actual space that you have. Mirrors are best for cramped up kitchens which have no hope of expansion due to limited space.

Space saving decor

Shop for a kitchen decor which is flat and do not occupy too much space. Framed pictures of food or anything that will relate to the kitchen will be better than a porcelain bowl of fruits used as a centerpiece for your countertops.

kitchen countertop

Fashionable tiles

Fashionably designed tiles can actually be considered as a kitchen decor. This adds up to how beautiful your kitchen would look like and how fancy your surroundings can be. Again these are flat structures not necessarily taking up space and serve as very efficient kitchen countertops than wood. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

Recycled kitchen decor

The best thing about decorating your own kitchen is you avoid throwing away stuffs which you can still use. Recycling can show off your creativity and practicality. Old pots can still be made into adorable pots when repainted and planted with herbs in your kitchen window. Even old milk cans can be reused as storage for your condiments and dried goods.


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