Green Ideas For Home Design In A More Spiritual Way

In case you are going to change your home interior into a green and comfortable oasis, take a look at the latest offers for green decorating with sustainable and eco friendly furniture. The company of Mosaic Tile is offering an Italian luxury for your floors.

Their suggestion is to equip your house with silex metallic porcelain floor and wall tiles made with 40 percent recycled materials. The mosaic element is also included, as well as LEED points on your new eco floors. Another green home design green collection is the Penguin collection called Inspired by Nature.

The brand is offering sustainable solutions for the entire house, but what really grabs the attention is their polished-brass faucet that comes with a flow-regulated aerator, which is able to operate 1.5 gallons per minute. This green innovation is just part of the company’s massive plan for decorating the kitchen with an eco design.

Another inspirational collection with a lot of green features is the Eco Chic by Scottsdale, Arizona. The designer Paul Jeffrey made real masterpieces from sustainable woods such as bamboo, kirei board and palm wood.
Tables and chairs, desks and buffets – all come equipped as the best green furniture for the home interior. The collection is in limited edition due to its rare and expensive materials.


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