The Most Innovative Design In Kitchenware

We have heard a lot about Nao Tamura. The Japanese designer isn’t the very first, who surprises with his unusual ideas about kitchen ware design, but surely his latest collection is pretty outstanding.

The designer, who has won the SaloneSatellite Award with his serving container made in silica sand, is praised as the kitchen magician, especially when it comes to serving dishes, designed in sophisticated and futuristic style.


“Seasons” is his last collection of functional dishes, which is inspired by the nature and technology even into the kitchen design. Take a look at this leaf. It looks almost like real one, the only difference is that this green Tamura’s leaf is a kitchen dish, made with unusual materials such as silicone.


The dishes are flexible, can be used in the oven or the microwave and despite their fragile look, they are made to be two times more stable than the ordinary ones.


Each leaf (dish) has its own shape and different sculptural display. The “Seasons” has turned to be extremely popular for designing the modern and green kitchen with stylish and unusual serving sets.

The designer promises also glasses made as a leaf, as well as forks and knives. His inspirational work of art is now available through his own web site.


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