Kitting Out the Modern Kitchen

When we think of redecorating our homes we always make the most effort in the lounge or the dining area, with the kitchen often a side project for later? The kitchen is the hub of the modern home you can’t deny. This is where the family enjoy breakfast, it is where friends and your guests loiter looking for a new beverage but yet we don’t pay it the attention it deserves.

Well, there is a way to ensure your kitchen gets a modern face lift without having to spend hundreds on new designs – cheat!

Why Not Try a Face-lift

Okay so we’re not saying cheat in the essence of the word, more use some snazzy, modern appliances to give the kitchen’s appearance a much needed face-lift.

Modern looking kettles with accompanying toasters can easily grab attention and ensure your kitchen becomes just as much a talking point as the newly decorated lounge or conservatory.

To achieve this, you can’t go wrong with touch technology. We have it plastered all over our mobile phones and even our laptops and some TVs. So, why not inject some of this technology into the kitchen too?

The touch technology allows you to control variable browning settings on your toaster as well as save power and energy and also adjust the heat of the water when using the kettle.

The new Glass Touch toasters from Russell Hobbs are a simple must have. Check them out at

Getting Inspiration from Fashion

For the fashion conscious, using retro designs is proving to be incredibly popular. It is now possible to find kettles, toasters and even grills in vintage, retro designs. The thrill of these is that they make a statement no matter what style your kitchen is in.

It also says a lot about your kitchen, that you want to introduce some flair and style into the modern hub of your household.
Whilst adding some fashionable yet practical appliances to your kitchen isn’t quite a complete makeover, it will ensure that your kitchen feels newer in-line with the rest of the redecorating that is going on.



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