Unconventional Library – Books Of A Feather, Flock Together

E-readers might have become popular now and there might be many who prefer reading books that way but there certainly is no decrease in the number of people who still prefer  hardcover.

Books need not be necessarily kept inside a heavy wood library. There can be many trendy yet unconventional ways of storing books too.

book shelves

Storage boxes are not something you may want to throw away. Use the sides of the box as a shelving unit and also do your best to focus on aligning the books so they would match your décor. For this type of offbeat library, the right choice of books are the hardcover ones.

Of course, you would need a bit of imagination but with blade, scalpel, foam core and paint you can do wonders. Such a small book setting is fit for small places with a blind spot that cannot be used for anything else. Take for example a niche in the wall where you cannot place anything else than a trendy book display.

book shelves

If you are a homeowner that has space to spare, consider a truly original way to display your books. The see-saw can be so much more than just a toy for kids and a see-saw style shelving unit with iron wire separators can very well accommodate your favorite novels.

see saw book shelf

For such an elegant choice of books display, one would need a wood board, long enough to have place to balance and wide enough so the books would fit.

If you like the rustic approach, the center balance point of the see-saw can very well be a log or a round stone. If you like it simple, it can simply be made of painted iron.

You can start placing books from the ends of the see-saw and of course you can choose what books you put on display. The see-saw library can be extremely fun to use as a room centerpiece and the way the books will be displayed will surely spice up the conversation.

The main idea of using an unconventional book display is to give your home something original to show off in decoration even if that something is not exactly the most expensive piece of furniture you own. Who says you can be stylish on a low cost budget?


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