Kitchen Decorations You Can Make On Your Own

A cozy and beautiful kitchen can inspire in cooking the best meals for your family. Having the right kitchen decorations, appliances, and furniture[kitchen furniture] can make your kitchen an ideal place for cooking.

However, it doesn’t mean you have to spend all your savings in beautifying this part of the house since kitchen decorations are something you can make on your own.

Everything is expensive nowadays; you simply can’t afford spending a lot of money on kitchen decorations alone.

As a matter of fact, with your resourcefulness and creativity you can now make your own kitchen decorations at home.

You no longer need to buy from department stores anymore as long as you have the necessary materials and guide to help you out.

Kitchen decorations you can make

Pot holders

You can make your own pot holders by sewing together pieces of cloth. Old handkerchiefs, towels, and even clothes can be cut and sewn to make pot holders.

Place mats

Sometimes family members love to eat in the kitchen especially when you are baking something hot and chewy like cookies. Having your own place mats which you personally knitted or crocheted can make every meal more special. You may use yarn or thread to make them.

Personalized table napkins

The best thing about making your own kitchen decorations is that you can personalize them. You can buy silk or satin cloth and make them into table napkins. After which, you can embroider the names of each family member on his or her own table napkin.

Recycled indoor pots

You can make your kitchen even livelier by having an indoor garden. You can recycle old pots or empty tin cans and make them into indoor pots where you can plant herbs and other plants. Plants are excellent kitchen decorations which are very useful and attractive at the same time.


If you know how to paint, you can display your paintings in your kitchen especially those of foods and fruits. Paintings are practical and artistic kitchen decorations. However, if you don’t have a painter in you, you can always ask other family members like your kids to paint.

Benefits of making your own kitchen decorations

No charge

Making your own kitchen decorations is free of charge. Although you will have to pay for materials, still you can save a lot compared to buying ready-made kitchen decorations. At least you save yourself from paying for the services of others.

Showcase your creative side

You get the chance to show off what you got by making your own kitchen decorations. You can prove to everybody just how resourceful, imaginative, and practical you are.

You can come up with your own personal designs, play with colors, and come up with different patterns as well which you will not usually see in stores.

Interesting and rewarding hobby

One way to get rid of stress is making your own kitchen decorations. You will feel your tired muscles relax as you sew, knit, crochet, and do other relaxing activities including decorating your pots.

It can also bring you extra cash once others see your work and ask you to make kitchen decorations for them as well.


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