Vintage Window Styles For Visual Impact

For an interesting visual impact to be created, vintage window styles can come in very handy. Not only do they make for an interesting look from the outside, they offer a different indoor perspective as well:

The Quatrefoil window:

This sort of window is in the shape of a four leafed clover, and is evocative of a Gothic ambience. These can be plain or fitted with colored or stained glass to offer interesting shades of light or color.

The Fanlight Window:

Traditionally this is a window shaped like a fan as the name suggests, and usually sits atop another window or even a door. It can be not just an interesting design element, but it can be a source of natural light into the room.

The Bay Window:

This one is evocative of days gone past when there was time to sit by the window on the widow seat and read or just watch the trees growing. A bay window offers light and air to the room and the semicircular shape offers a view of the outdoors the way other window types cannot.

The Dormer Window:

The sloping roof of a house fitted with a dormer window with its own little roof is an eccentricity of days gone past, that can add charm to any modern home.


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