Explore The Best Kitchen Painting Ideas!

A well done kitchen is an eye candy for the person who spends long hours cooking for the family. Colors play a vital role in the aesthetics of any room and it is the same for the kitchen. Paints can be chosen with a theme in mind and the right combination can bring to life any ideas that you may have. Here are a few kitchen painting ideas that can turn the kitchen into a pleasant retreat.

kitchen painting ideas

You can use single color themes to highlight your modern and attractive accessories or you can choose a paint theme and then bring in the other stuff to match. You can choose from the different kitchen painting ideas that many paint manufacturers’ have on offer or you can get creative and come up with your own to match your homes and tastes.

You can plan and execute a kitchen painting idea based on themes like country kitchen, French kitchen, high-tech kitchen, new folk style kitchen or even the sixties kitchen.

The country kitchen will need used looking wood which can be painted in fresh colors with white walls if more color has been used around the kitchen. The French kitchen would need lavender walls with whitewashed wood. Plenty of patterned fabric and flowers will set off milk paint too.

The High Tech Kitchen will need modern appliances in a kitchen using neutral paint colors like black, white and/or beige. Egg-sheen paints would be the best choice as they will be easy to maintain and will set off the modern appliances too. Lots of crazy color in splashes will give you the Sixties look for your kitchen. Add plenty of kitsch in the form of lamps, posters, jewelry etc.

If you are looking for some designer themes to give to your unique kitchen painting ideas then you can choose from the myriad paint themes offered by paint manufacturers. They can give your kitchen a unique look and add a lot of style to your home. You can choose from themes like the Food Theme that uses paint shades like Apple crisp, Chai latte and popped corm to turn your kitchen into a delectable space. The restrained use of color can add a lot of glamour too.

A lovely kitchen painting idea would be to accentuate one wall with a bold color like autumn gold black or embellished blue and leave the rest of the kitchen with lighter or even white walls. Ultra modern colors like Oh so Red with white trims and ceilings also look fantastic.

How about a designer kitchen painting idea from Ralph Lauren? He suggests an astonishing combination of Dressage Red, Carson blue, soft earth and canvas colors. Truly the bold and the beautiful!

The choice is yours with so many kitchen painting ideas to choose from. Look for a style that reflects you and your home’s individuality.


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