How Can The Basement Become A Bright Comfortable Space?

The basement isn’t the best place in anyone’s home, but with a little decoration, it can be a perfect rest room for anyone.

The modern designers are considering the basement as a part of the entire home decoration and typically they don’t leave it without décor. The contemporary style of your basement is based on the style of your entire home.

The walls are the most important part of the basement, because they are those that will open more space to such a dark place as the basement. Typically the basements don’t have windows, therefore paint the walls in light colors.


You can also choose colors in the natural palette, but they will not match well with the bright décor of the modern basement. Contrast is also very important, when you are creating a different-styled area in your home.

Go for white walls and bright furniture in red. This is a very modern tendency in the home decoration, which is creating some extra space. Don’t forget the mirrors on the wall; they are also very good for dark places.

Typically the shape of the basement doesn’t match the shape of the other rooms. Therefore, choosing what to put inside is a difficult issue.

The furniture should be extravagant or very simple, in order to compensate the shape of the basement. If you choose simple furniture, just add some shelvings on the wall, wooden desk and a comfortable chair.

 basement designsThis way you can use the basement as a work place or cabinet, if there is some extra space for your books or papers. The basement can be converted into a teen bedroom, for it is a private and closed space.

In case you are going to create your teen’s bedroom there, go for very bright and pop colors. Pink walls and light green wallpapers are great ideas, for it is a combination that creates more space and fun ambiance.

Wood is the main material, when it comes to furniture. Choose a light wooden desk and chairs and place animated wall-paper, for it creates certain contrast in the bedroom. In case you want to use the basement as a rest room or just a room for games and fun, you can place posters on the wall or modern paintings.


A billiard table and a black colored bar would make a great combination for those of you that want to create some area for fun. The nature light flood is a must for any basement, because it creates more light and space.

Recently the tendency for the basement is one – using a lot of different bright furniture pieces and wall decorations in different color palette.


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