The Kitchen Gear You Would Gladly Buy

Slow cookers are one of the most modern items in any kitchen. Therefore, this conventional device is so popular. You can easily prepare your favorite chicken wings for no longer than 10 minutes thanks to the slow cookers’ technology. One of the best slow cookers is the Hamilton Beach Set. It is convenient and its price is only $50.

kitchen gear 1

The modern housewife surely needs a kitchen timer, especially if she cooks reading a special recipe book. Therefore a stop watch or a digital kitchen timer is a must have for any kitchen.

kitchen gear 2

The experts are recommending the latest kitchen timer presented by Polder. It comes on affordable price of $13.95 and it has three main functions – a stop watch, kitchen timer and clock

kitchen gear 3

Blenders are recently one of the most preferable kitchen gadgets. You will need them to prepare crème soup, your favorite pie or just to beat well your eggs. This one is the latest and the most functional blender on the market – the Kitchen Immersion Hand Blender. Its price is only $ 99.95

kitchen gear 4

A salad spinner is one of the most modern items in any contemporary kitchen. This one is Large Pump Action Salad Spinner and it has many wonderful options, one of them is that your salad is ready in no longer than 10 minutes. The product is presented by Oxo and it costs $29.99


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