10 Innovative & Contemporary Floor Designs

Whether you’re into chic and sophisticated or laidback and earthy, there’s an infinite range of contemporary floor designs around to suit your taste and budget.

1. Dimension Flooring:

Nothing short of a mind blast, Dimension Flooring is an abstract design which Alistair Bramley allowed to guide him.

After watching videos of how people move through their living space, he allowed their movement to dictate the placement of lines using digital printing processes. This resulted in a graphic pattern of contour lines on laminate flooring.

Using this as a template, Bramley is able to create flooring solutions that are individually tailored to individuals and/or their environments. Unique and dynamic!

Designer: Alistair Bramley

2. Concrete Art:

By adding a cheerful floral veneer to hard, cheap concrete, Transparent House Studio has come up with an innovative way to enhance the décor of any room with a range of designs.

The juxtaposition of a stark concrete base and light designs of choice provides a great way to transform a dull and functional room into a lively environment. Who said practical can’t be fun?
[ via: Transparent House ]


3. ResoFloor:

Chic and shiny, these super-resistant high gloss floor-panels come in four different graphic decors. Designed by Lars Contzen, they are easy to maintain and add a sophisticated edge to contemporary interiors.
[ via: Lars Contzen ]

4. Floris Wood Flooring System:

The modular wood flooring system, comprised of cardboard sandwich paneled tiles finished in MDF and layered with walnut veneer, is just as effective for tables, chairs and benches.

Perfect for small living spaces, Klaartje Daamen’s specially designed tiles, which have polyethylene glued beneath them to provide cushioning and soundproofing, can be folded up into pieces of furniture when not in use as a floor covering.

Each tile, which come in a variety of heights, has of hooks and holes underneath that facilitate slotting together for laying and securing on the surface. Lego for adults!

Designer: Klaartje Daamen

5. Glass Tile Floor:

Besides creating a unique walking experience, this glass tile floor from ThinkGlass adds a sense of openness and light to your living space.

Anti-skid and resistant to impact, these glass tiles provide a unique alternative to traditional opaque flooring products and create plenty of opportunity for new or repetitive textures at a low cost.

With no thickness constraints, the glass slabs can be filled with a range of diverse materials, from copper-plating which produces a metallic spark, LED lighting to create a warm glow on the floor, or fused glass in a variety of textures. Lightness of being was never so good! [ via: THINK GLASS ]

6. LightFader:

Bring on the light fantastique! Manufactured by TAL, this interactive flooring leaves a pedestrian’s footprints visible for about a minute after crossing it. When you walk across the floor, the weight of your footsteps displaces the fluid, and leaves prints wherever your foot has been.

The LightFader interactive floor consists of a modular system of tiles made of a scratch-resistant material that can hold up to 250kg per square meter. The tiles measure 1000 x 1000 x 75 mm, and are connected to each other by a link cable. [ via: TAL ]

7. Spektra Woven Vinyl Flooring:

A sensational, touchable woven vinyl flooring made by Swedish company Bolan, Spektra looks like textile carpeting but endures much longer.

Especially useful for high traffic areas such as hallways, the easy-to-maintain carpet has a unique attractiveness lent by an alluring metallic sparkle which catches the light at certain angles.

A far cry from the company’s characteristically cool and neutral Scandinavian designs, the Spektra’s geometric designs are lively, colorful and energetic. [ via: BOLON ]

8. Puzzle Floor:

A vibrant choice for children’s and adults’ bedrooms alike, this interlocking floor jigsaw elicits maximum attention. Available in 13 colors, the tiles can be mixed and matched uniquely according to personal taste.

Easier and faster to install than traditional wood strip flooring, these pre-finished and precision-cut solid northern hardwood pieces interlock quickly and are an easy DIY project.
[ via: Puzzle Floor ]

9. Zero.4 Rubber Flooring:

Featuring an irregular distribution of circles of four different diameters, this “accidental project” inspired by nature is a combination of geometry and organic design. A new take on the traditional studded surface, mould technology is the focal point of the zero.4 proposal which uses geometrical progression to create the random distribution of circles.

Launched by Artigo, in conjunction with Sottsass Associati, the rubber floor covering collection also includes two other ranges: Kayar uses fragments of natural coconut fiber in its rubber mix which comes in 16 different colors, Ebony has a finish that reflects the grain in the wood and comes in four colors. [ via: artigo ]

10. Wood Tile Floor:

Created from slices of Alder end grain, these contemporary wood tiles are bright and open and the distinctive rings bring a warm honey glow to the room. The distinctive rings of this unique flooring offer an interesting alternative to traditional plank flooring with its linear pattern.

The tile is made up of symmetrical honeycomb blocks of uniform size, which give a rich geometric pattern, without the fuss of traditional parquet flooring.

A simple pattern that enhances the natural beauty of the wood, the easy-to-maintain broadleaf wood tile enhances the natural beauty of the wood and suits a wide range of contemporary interiors. Practical, fashionable and unfussy. [ via: broadleaf ]


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