The Cottage Style Can Meet Vintage For Interior Decoration Success

In case your home is arranged in a simple country or cottage style, the transformation can be easily done. Turning your home into a luxury and modern oasis is not an issue regarding the latest designer furniture or extras.

It is all about the right elements and details, which you need to add to your home décor. Wood is one of those elements, which can help you.

The cottage style is eminent for its wooden elements, therefore keep the warm atmosphere and just change the color of the wood, in case you want to change the style.

Go for honey and dark colors, which are always key colors for the luxury home décor.

Try to add contrast – dark wooden ceilings and natural palette walls are always a good decision. Stone, leather and iron are also good for the change.

Add more vintage furniture and mix the cottage style with the modern expression. Change the living room by adding antique chairs and vintage tables. Colors are your best helpers in this issue.

Well – worn materials also help the decorations. Skip to honey color and chocolate items, as you add lavish fabrics. This way you will add more sophistication into your home décor.


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