Tips To Organize And Declutter Your Home – Part 2

Sometimes you need the help of some tools and items of furniture to help you declutter and organize:

  • More Storage may be answer if you find that you have things spilling out of cupboards, cabinets and cases. You need some more tools of organization to assist you. More shelves, perhaps a chest of drawers, crates, desk organizers, shoe racks (they can be useful for a whole lot of other stuff apart from shoes), display cabinets can all come in handy. Specific items such as book cases or CD racks will make sure that everything has a place for itself.
  • Get a grip on the clothes. It is a common scenario that you have more clothes than you know what to do with. This requires thorough decisions to be made: get rid of the things that you don’t fit into (and have no hope of fitting into), if you haven’t worn something for over a year, chances are you will probably never get around to wearing it; so go ahead and get rid of all those things; you will be amazed at how much bigger your closet suddenly seems!

With a little bit of determined effort there is no reason why your home will transform into a well organized, neat and inviting space.

Photo Credit: bonbon bebe


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