Exclusive Speaker Design For A Progressive Sound

In case you want to change your home décor and you don’t know what exactly you need to transform the interior, simply go for things that add unusual style. One of these things is the Joey Roth glass speakers that look vintage and super extravagant.

You may not believe this, but adding something contrastive in your interior, will change the spirit of your home. This is the same principle, which the designer had, while creating his unusual speakers.

They were launched at the New York’s Design Week and surely grabbed the whole attention, for they are creative, stylish and mostly – they are the only glass speakers in the world made with such an unusual approach.

The designer that can be called an inventor has used a special technology. His speakers are created only with glass hand blown objects and the good news is that they are not just furniture; they can actually play music and anything you like. They function well and they easily set an artistic atmosphere in your home.


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