7 Safety Measures in Kitchen to Avoid Disaster

Kitchen is quite a dangerous place of home for every household that claims to follow lot of security and safety measures. You are not only working with hot surfaces like ovens and stove burners, rather you are also handling sharp utensils and objects like knives.

safety measures in kitchenDespite being an advanced adult and taking lot of care and concern, it is quite common to injure yourself in the kitchen.

However, though it is not possible to avoid completely, you can reduce the chances of kitchen injuries and disasters by following certain safety measures in kitchen.

1. Install smoke alarms

Installing smoke alarm is the first and foremost of the safety measures in kitchen. Strictly speaking, smoke alarms must be installed in every room of your house. Not exactly in the kitchen, but install theme very close to the kitchen. You should test them regularly and change the batteries twice in a year.

2. Keep pets and children out

Children and pets do not belong to kitchen and should be kept away in all possible ways. Until and unless your kids grow enough to learn cooking or helping you in the kitchen they should not be allowed in the kitchen. Pets and children can be sources of distraction in the kitchen. Also unknowingly, they can injure themselves.

3. Prefer wearing safe clothes

Safe clothing is very essential while you are working in the kitchen. Ensure that you don’t wear long sleeves or flowy clothes that can catch hazardous things easily. Even synthetic clothes and other flammable things should not be worn.

4. Use hot pads and oven mitts

Always keep a good collection of oven mitts and heat pads to wear while working in kitchen. Use them regularly for pulling or keeping things in oven. Microwave safe bowls can be relatively hot and you are more prone to burn yourself with these bowls. So, don’t forget to use them when you are working with microwave ovens.

5. Check electrical outlets

Electrical outlets of every room including kitchen in your house must be checked by a professional electrician once in a month or year, whichever is possible and any wrong wiring of your house must be fixed immediately to prevent disasters.

6. Learn how to use fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are most important tools of your kitchen and you should essentially know how to use them when required. Always keep fire extinguishers handy and remember not to use water to extinguish electric or grease fires.

7. Handle kitchen appliances carefully

Before you handle any new equipment in your kitchen, read the user guide or the instructions labeled on the appliance thoroughly. Be cautious with the blades in blenders and food processors, and don’t use your fingers directly to clean them. Use the appliance carefully only for the purpose it is made for.

Following these safety measures in kitchen will reduce the chances of kitchen disasters significantly.


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