Making Use Of Different Wall Hangings For Different Effects

wall decorationWalls have great potential in home decoration but often it is very much an after thought.

Instead if you have a favorite picture or a family portrait it can be the focal point of a living room or any other living space.

If you have a specific theme in mind for a certain room then wall art can enhance that look very easily. It can add accents to a neutral setting and create a riot of color without opening a can of paint.

There are lots more to do with wall art, rather than one wall with one picture. Group them together by subject, for example family holiday snaps in a variety of frames or alternatively use similar frames but with a mixture of content. Keep them at eye level so people can study and enjoy them better.

Wall hanging rugs make good art for the wall, similar to tapestries used hundred of years ago to decorate bare and cold castle walls.

Also bear in mind that many things can be framed these days from a baby’s shoe to a signed soccer shirt, anything is possible.

You could even paint your own art by buying cheap artist canvass from your local crafts store. It does not require any natural abilities in art, blocks of color or stripes. Think about famous abstract art it doesn’t always have to mean anything as long as it is strong and vibrant.

Movie or pop posters can be framed or block mounted for a more natural effect, especially in a teenage bedroom or maybe a music room.

If you travel you might pick up interesting pieces like tribal masks or unusual instruments, what better way to appreciate them than mounted on the wall.

Mirrors can be very useful for creating the illusion of space notably if your room is small. A tiny bathroom can seem to double in size with the addition of some well placed bathroom mirrors. Hallways and entry rooms will be a useful place to have a mirror and they came in a range of shapes and sizes to suit.

Another interesting idea is to make hidden, of floating shelving, by fitting plain wooden or MDF shelves on a wall and painting them exactly the same color.

Objects displayed will appear to be floating on the wall and will stand out much more, excellent for old delicate heirlooms. Suddenly you will start to look differently at the humble wall and see lots of new opportunities instead.


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