Making Use Of Used And Antique Furnishings

interior designer1The one piece of furniture that seems to have lost any element of design is the sofa.

These days it is all about leather suites in a variety of muted shades, made to pretty much blend into the background.

You will be surprised at what you can discover second hand and particularly antique stores are great places to find treasures from yester year. Pieces like these can be great focal points and very eye catching, imagine an antique chaise lounge in a romantic bedroom.

It might be that you have to have the sofa re-upholstered but if this is done well it will last you a lifetime. What a wonderful heirloom to pass down through the next generations, a real treasure from the past.

Look out for different furniture at yard sales, it is surprising what people throw out, and what is unwanted for them could be just what your heart desires.

Modern design is likely to be more comfortable than whatever you find in an antique store but there is no reason why you can’t have both. In the family room have big squashy easy clean leather and in the more grown up room indulge in a slice of history.

Do not worry too much about everything matching, often a designer looks means clashing fabrics and an outrageous style. [Interior Decoration]

Embrace your furnishings and love what you have in your home. Let it reflect your personality and enjoy it. If you are likely to have unexpected guest dropping by why not choose a sofa that converts easily into a bed, they are just as good to look at as any others.


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