Try A Wall Hanging Rug Rather Than A Painting

wall hangingWhen looking for art to go on the walls of your home why not consider a rug.

For hundreds of years, different civilizations and dynasties have displayed their treasured rugs for all to see.

In a way it is like a tapestry and the intricacies of a Persian or other type of floor covering is plain to see.

Why not hang in on the wall after all they can be fantastic works of art and can be much more easily studied in an upright position.

If a rug is very heavy it can still be hung, check out the various fixings available in the home care stores and remember hidden away at the back as no-one needs to know that a modern day hanging system is even there.

Always be careful to avoid damaging the actual piece by accidentally ripping it or making holes. If you are unsure seek advice as to how best to safely hang your art on the wall.

For lighter weight rugs this will be a lot easier, a clip system might be the way to go as long as you provide some protection where the clip is secured. This could be a piece of fabric or maybe tissue paper.

Once you realize there is more to art than paintings and prints then your eye will soon find many types of wall hangings for home decoration, so let your imagination run wild.

Next time you are in the carpet store, admiring rugs but not thinking you have any floor space for them your options will be much wider from now on.


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