A Chandelier For A Dream In A Dream Light

Crystal chandeliers, aroma candles and glasses full with red wine – that is just one dream atmosphere, inspired by many fairytales. Same fairytales are offered by the Italian company, Micron.

crystal light fixtures calispo micronTheir chandeliers and lights are for luxury interiors, but still remain practical and easy to set up. The Calispo lightening collection, which includes refined chandeliers from crystal in a magic contemporary touch, is for those who admire glamorous home decoration.

crystal light fixtures calispo micron 01The chandelier is made to be more than a light set. It is also a modern accessory, and it is combined with crystal bulbs in different colors.

crystal light fixtures calispo micron 02The Calispo lightening collection is created from stainless steel and matches perfectly every modern home decoration, based on sophistication and minimalistic decisions.

crystal light fixtures calispo micron 03The Italian company Micron provides the chandeliers from this collection in a few different colors, but one of the most stunning crystal chandeliers is the one with the deep violet bulbs and unique shape. The special line of the Calispo lightening puts eccentric feeling and sense for a piece of art in your home.


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